During the last four years I lectured both graduate and undergraduate econometrics classes. I advised around 50 bachelor and four master's theses. Other responsibilities included exam and seminar creation and theses grading. 

Introductory Econometrics Lecture

Obligatory course for first year master students. Introduction to simple and multiple regression analysis.

Microeconometrics Lecture with integrated Exercises

Elective course for around 20 undergraduate students. Students need to read research papers, understand methods like FE, IV and DiD and work with Stata.

Empirical Economic Research Lecture

Obligatory course for about 600 undergraduate students. I tought the exercise sessions. 

Bachelor Theses Supervision

Seminar topics: Attitudes towards climate change; Determinants and consequences of obesity; Favouritism in academic peer review; The effect of technology on education outcomes.

Master Theses Supervision 

Titles: "A Specification Curve Analysis within the Brexit Literature: The Relationship between Austerity and the UK Independence Party"; "The effect of lecture-style teaching on student test scores, an empirical analysis using specification-curve analysis"; "Evaluation of a medical emergency call software"